Interview With Merlin Miller, Part One

Merlin Miller by Sharon Rondeau_

(Apr. 23, 2015) — On Tuesday, The Post & Email interviewed Merlin
Miller [4], an accomplished film producer, West Point graduate, and
writer, who, along with others, has launched a new political entity, the
American Eagle Party, and plans to run candidates on the local, state
and national levels in 2016.

The party launched in Gatlinburg, TN earlier this year.

In 2008, Merlin supported Ron Paul’s bid for the presidency, and in
2012, he was himself a presidential candidate on the American Freedom
Party ticket.

The American Eagle Party’s platform [5] includes advocating for secure
national borders, bringing an end to “wars and occupations” and
“sound currency” to promote growth of the economy and the private

Another pillar of the AEP platform includes the fostering of new media
[6] “to be a viable alternative to the controlled, propagandistic
‘Mainstream Media.’” With his background in film production,
Miller plans to broadcast unfiltered news from a news channel on the AEP

The platform is explained in more depth here [7] and encompasses the
premise that the U.S. should “end our foreign military adventures and
close most of our overseas bases, redeploying forces stateside.”

On its “Take Back America” page, AEP maintains [8] that
“America’s Founding Fathers had the courage and divine wisdom to
create a nation unlike any in history. In so doing, they delivered a
promise – for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But America
is sick and under attack. Not by any military, nor by God’s hand, but
by treasonous elements within.”

The Post & Email asked Miller when he conceived of the idea of forming a
new political party, to which he replied, “It has actually been a very
piecemeal process. I was very uninvolved until I got familiar with Ron
Paul in 2007 and sort-of inched my way into the political arena in
backing his campaign. I was actually recruited by a new party in 2012 to
be their presidential candidate. We were on the ballot in only a few
states, and I wasn’t in total agreement with their platform. After the
campaign, I left them, and with the encouragement of several people, we
decided to form our own party with a platform that we all felt
comfortable about.”

THE POST & EMAIL: Would you say that running for office caused you to
want to start your own party, or were you seeking to make a change in
the status quo?

MR. MILLER: First of all, I’m very uncomfortable with the political
arena. I didn’t really like the campaign process, and I don’t like
it now. In fact, I’m not throwing my hat in the ring as a candidate.
I’m doing what I can to help get this party going, and we’ll have
our first annual conference in September. The biggest challenge in
putting a new party together is finding and building your support base,
and for us, that means building state chapters. We have to decentralize
and go down to the grassroots level and eventually have local and state
chapters that would feed the national committee. Putting a national
ticket together is important for positioning the party, but the real
strength, I think, of a new party like us is hopefully impacting some of
the elections, whether it’s congressional seats, senatorial seats, or
within the state legislatures and local assemblies and offices where we
might have an impact.

THE POST & EMAIL: It sounds as if you want to reach the people better
than the Democrat-Republican paradigm that exists.

MR. MILLER: Exactly. There are only two ways that I see that the
American people can effect this process, and one is the political arena.
We have to get politically active; we cannot depend on the Democrats and
Republicans. Both parties and the overwhelming majority of political
officeholders are beholden to special interest groups and no longer
represent their constituencies. We the People are not really represented
anymore. So we have to do something within the political arena, and I
see a third party as the only prospect.

That’s one-half of it. The other half, of course, is media. Without
media, we aren’t going to effect much change, and the mainstream media
is totally controlled, as is the political process. So we have to do
what we can to build alternatives to that, and your program is one of
those. There are so many alternative sources growing out there, and I
think it’s pretty obvious that more and more people are distrustful of
the mainstream media and looking for truthful answers.

THE POST & EMAIL: The people we elect often use soaring rhetoric while
they’re campaigning and promise everyone what he or she wants to hear,
but after they take their oath of office, they do what they want. How
will your party be different in that regard?

MR. MILLER: Our whole focus is we want to be decentralized to the local
level. The national ticket is providing a guideline to get us back
within the binds of the Constitution so that the federal government is
not exercising authority that it does not have. We want to decentralize
and give people back their power as our Constitution and Bill of Rights
were designed to do. So our whole focus is doing what we can to minimize
government, to stop the growth of government and reverse that process,
and we have to do it in a piecemeal fashion.

Our general platform right now is very simple. We have five major
platform positions. We want to go out with very simple planks such that
we can attract a lot of grassroots Americans who otherwise might be
marginalized or divided amongst each other on the basis of a lot of
these smaller issues which really aren’t critical to us right now.

I did find that in my experience campaigning in 2012, there is so much
effort to divide and conquer the people – _agents provocateurs_ within
the parties, people doing what they can to create divisions – such
that the issues that are not important are always thrust to the
forefront in an effort to divide us so that we’re not united in the
common cause. The primary focus of our political party is to be a
unifying party, one that can reach out with a general platform where
people can say, “This makes sense to me; why aren’t we pursuing
these things?” and “Let’s stay away from the little things that
pit us against one another.”

THE POST & EMAIL: George Washington had said in his Farewell Address
that if we allow ourselves to be divided into “factions,” it would
destroy the country. For instance, no one can agree today on what a
“natural born Citizen” is. We have also divided ourselves into two
groups: those who want a big federal government heavily-involved in the
lives of the people, and those who want limited government which they
believe enables more freedom.

How complicated is the process to register a new party in each state?

MR. MILLER: It’s a really difficult process because the deck has been
stacked against the small, independent parties. We just recently formed
our national committee and filed with the Federal Election Commission
(FEC), and the IRS monitors us. Although we’re exempt from tax as a
political party, there are certain forms you have to fill out.
Primarily, you respond to the guidelines of the Federal Election
Commission. So we do have our national committee formed; we have an
executive managing committee which responds and answers to the national
committee on an annual basis when we have our annual meeting.

The next process is forming state chapters and then local chapters.
That’s where you develop your power and gain membership; that’s
where you get a voice in the communities. We’re in the process of
doing that right now. Tennessee is forming; they have their website up
already. Pennsylvania is in the formative stages. We have interest from
several people in Texas and Arizona. Our goal is to have at least a half
a dozen, possibly a dozen state chapters formed by the time we have our
first annual conference this September. So it’s very important if
we’re going to grow and really be a force for We the People to have
that local activism. It all begins at the chapter level.

THE POST & EMAIL: So we can’t look to Washington for someone to solve

MR. MILLER: That’s right. A lot of people would claim that we’ve
been taken over, that we have a de facto government that has totally
gotten away from our Constitution; that it’s a corporatocracy now.
I’m a firm believer that that, in fact, has happened, and we have to
get back to the doctrines of our Founding Fathers, our Constitution and
Bill of Rights. The only way that that will happen is to shrink the
power of theses special interest groups that now control us.

THE POST & EMAIL: It appears that the special interests control members
of Congress. What strategy is there to run candidates for local offices
such as town clerk or registrar of voters?

MR. MILLER: Exactly; that’s where our emphasis is going to be. At
this stage, when we’re just launching the party, we want to be a
magnet, and at the same time, provide a bit of a guidance. We’re
developing our own organizational guide which we will share with state
chapter leaders and local leaders who want to put chapters together so
they can build on the basis of having a model that is existing that can
help them get up and running. But the idea is to get them to identify
people within their communities, whether it’s the town, county or the
state to put up as candidates and run them through office. Each state
will have its own issues that are more important, and they’ll have
different priorities than other states. So that’s really up to them,
as the chapter, to find and put up those candidates they think best
represent their communities.

The only thing we’re doing is launching on the basis of five primary
positions that we as a national committee stand for. Those, in a
nutshell are very simple:

STOP THE WARS AND OCCUPATIONS. We are a republic, not an empire to
police the world.

That’s our first one. It’s bankrupting us and it’s bankrupting our
reputation throughout the world and losing the blood of our young

WE HAVE TO BE A NATION. We have to respect the sovereignty of other
nations. We should secure our own borders; we should not allow an
invasion, whether it’s a physical, warlike invasion or the ongoing
immigration invasion that is challenging our very identity. Our
demographics are being radically altered. We’re no longer a sovereign
nation when we do not have secure borders. We are not opposed to
immigration as such, but it needs to be a process which has the best
interests of the American people at heart and they need to go through a
process that makes sense and is fair.
WE NEED TO RESTORE OUR ECONOMY. We need to look at all the trade
agreements which have not been made with the American worker in mind.
They’ve been made with the United Nations, with multinational
corporate interests, with international financiers and even foreign
competitors. Basically, everyone has a priority in this process except
the American entrepreneur and the American workers. We need to turn that
around and have a level playing field such that our trade agreements do
not send production outside of the United States of America and penalize
us. There are very simple ways to do that, and we need to relook at
these so-called “free trade agreements” which are anything but fair.

THE POST & EMAIL: To me, this sounds like a “Founding Fathers”
platform, because they advocated “life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness” unfettered by government.

MR. MILLER: It really is. When you look back at the whole American
experience and our whole experiment in history, we have been so
successful primarily because these doctrines which established by the
Founding Fathers, which were divinely-inspired, in my opinion. We need
to get back to their doctrines. That leads to our fourth platform
position, which is:

had executive orders, the Patriot Act, the National Defense
Authorization Act (NDAA); we’ve had so much legislation take place
which is in clear violation to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
We have to undo those things immediately. We need to undo all kinds of
legislation which has hamstrung the American worker and get back to
where they’re free again to be the people that our Founding Fathers
wanted them to be.
The fifth point is ALLOWING FOR ALTERNATIVES, whether it’s in media,
which is critically important right now, that we allow voices to
challenge this monopoly that the mainstream has over our minds and our
beliefs. The same thing goes for medical, whether people want medical
alternatives and don’t want to succumb to the profession and the
pharmaceutical industry, the medical industry; people should have fee
choice, especially when it regards their own body and the food they take
in and the medical treatment they pursue.

Beyond that, most every issue should be dealt with at the state or local


The Post & Email will conclude its interview with Merlin Miller in an
upcoming article.

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