Capture Theory: Republicans, Democrats, and the Triumph of Totalitarianism in America

1-Republicrats - 8-11-15 Scott S. Powell, a fellow of the Discovery Institute, has written an excellent essay on how the radicals of the hard left have captured the Democratic Party. As one whose working colleagues mostly fit the stereotype of the leftist Democrats, I can see firsthand that Powell was correct about what Democrats have become. While Powell pretty much is right about the Democrats, he misses almost everything about the modern Republican Party and its intellectual forebears, whose ideas in many ways mirror those of the political opposition and, more important, provide a means for establishing a brand of American totalitarianism that may well pose more dangerous to the rest of the world than Lenin’s Bolsheviks ever could have done. The Soviet Union is almost a quarter century in the rearview mirror, the Berlin Wall is not even a curiosity, anymore, and China’s communists long ago abandoned Maoism. North Korea is a desperately poor country, and Cuba is even poorer, and modern Vietnam is more capitalist now than it ever was before the communists “unified” the country in 1975. In other words, Marxist-Leninism in practice as a true governing ideology no longer has the attraction it once did. Except in the United States. Here, Republicans and Democrats have embraced many of the ideals of totalitarian rule that evaded even Lenin, Stalin, and Mao, and this country for many years has been governed by disciples of totalitarian radicals. (If one wishes to know why the U.S. economy continues to underperform even in this high-tech age, perhaps we should look to our own radical leadership and its open disdain for commerce and private enterprise.)

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