Confederate Flag Sales Up ‘500 Times’

1-Confederate flag Stores are reporting that sales of Confederate Rebel flags have shot up, with some claiming that they are selling 500 times more than what they were before the corporate media driven flap over the symbol. As government and perpetually offended Americans have continued to call for banning anything remotely connected to the flag, retailers have noted that it is having the exact opposite effect, and making it exponentially MORE popular. “It’s 500 times what it was, without exaggerating,” says Dave Nippert of Lou’s Wholesale. “We could’ve done well marketing nothing but Rebel stuff.” “People don’t like being told what they can and can’t have,” Nippert added, explaining that he stocked up on Confederate merchandise, knowing full well that an increase in demand would occur. Another seller in Iowa tells NBC reporters that sales of the iconic flag have gone through the roof.

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