First as Tragedy, Then as Farce

1-homosexual marriage - white house Karl Marx once wrote that “history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce.” I’ll admit I do not know what Marx was thinking of when he penned that pithy-sounding, if somewhat cryptic, future sound bite. What I do know is that his epigram is undeniably pertinent to the sound and fury raging today over the absurd question of homosexual “marriage.” The trajectory of the cultural revolution that is running its course in the West has not been easy to chart, because as one monitored all of the awful things that have happened and are happening, he would expect to see a predictable “downward spiral.” Things would start out good, then get slightly bad, then more bad, then really bad, then horribly bad, and then they would finally fall apart, and the center would no longer hold. Yet sometimes the “worse” stuff — which one wouldn’t have expected to happen until a moment just prior to the center’s breaking and releasing ultimate chaos upon the world — in fact happens first, and the “less-bad” stuff follows on its heels a while later, confounding expectations. Such is the case with the current push among the degenerate elite of the West to license men who “marry” men and women who “marry” women.

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