Interview With Merlin Miller, Part Two

by Sharon Rondeau
The American Eagle Party advocates sound economic policy, an end to wars overseas and the ability of illegal aliens to freely cross U.S. borders and receive government benefits paid for by American citizens
(Apr. 30, 2015) — On April 23, The Post & Email reported on the launch of a new political party, the American Eagle Party, by filmmaker, West Point graduate and former presidential candidate Merlin Miller.
Miller states the reasons for organizing the party as special-interest groups and others having achieved control over a government once steered by the American people. “Destructive economic policies” and a media “that is totally controlled by a small and tight-knit cabal” are among other factors.
“We have to counter their lies,” Miller said regarding the mainstream media. “We the People now need to cross lines and unite.” He maintains that Americans should “want to lead by positive example and not by force or intimidation.”
The party was launched in Gatlinburg, TN, which is located in the Volunteer State’s Great Smoky Mountains.
In Part 1, Miller detailed the five-pillar party platform, which seeks to end overseas “wars and occupations” and “immigration invasion;” repeal such “unconstitutional” legislation as The Patriot Act and NDAA; terminate the Federal Reserve System; and “Encourage development of media alternatives.”
Miller is concerned about the size and scope of today’s federal government. “Our mainstream media has continually been pushing a certain agenda, which is for the growth of government and the deterioration of individual rights. Same thing with education: not only are we not getting truths through media, but we’re being brainwashed through the educational process. My wife is a kindergarten teacher, and she sees how the school system has changed over the last 3-4 decades so that now, it’s basically mandates and dictates coming from above rather than the local communities educating the kids as they think best,” Miller told us.
THE POST & EMAIL: Thomas Jefferson said, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people,” but there are so many children who graduate from high school without the ability to read and without any civics knowledge, which contributes to how they vote, if they vote.
MR. MILLER: We are so distracted; our lives are so busy right now that we’ve abandoned our responsibilities for taking care of ourselves. My primary career was as a motion picture producer, and I have firsthand experience as to how controlled the industry is. I personally believe that there’s a very sinister agenda at play here, and it’s all about cultural Marxism. It’s about taking our beliefs, faith and foundations and turning them upside-down, and that’s how we are manipulated and controlled. It’s very important that we fight back.
THE POST & EMAIL: What you said reminds me of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, who feared the infiltration of communism in Hollywood, academia, the media and education. He was ridiculed and excoriated, but the government has grown exponentially since then, acquiring greater power and expanding entitlement programs. Is it possible at this point to educate enough people so that they can choose independence rather than statism?
MR. MILLER: I think it’s coming to the point where more and more people are waking up to that realization, and as they do, they are going to want to get proactive. Over the last few decades, we’ve simply been put to sleep. We’ve been in an environment of critical theory where our beliefs have been attacked through cynicism, sexual perversions, and extreme violence. Our role models are all anti-heroes today; we don’t have the “noble hero” we once did.
My hero, growing up, was Walt Disney. Walt Disney, today, could not succeed or have any opportunities whatsoever. That was my goal when I entered the motion picture industry, and it’s sad and it’s sick that we’re not allowed to have those kinds of voices in media today.
THE POST & EMAIL: It seems we have lost our moral compass. Without that, how can we run good candidates for office?
MR. MILLER: It’s tough to overcome. I was an Academy grad, and what is so disheartening for me is that I’m probably viewed as Jiminy Cricket, the conscience that these people don’t want.
I see that so many of them have benefited by wars. The military industrial complex feeds them and feeds them very well. They have lifestyles which they don’t want to upset, and even though I think greater numbers are realizing the evils that are being done in the name of wars and the military, they’re still not standing up to do anything about it. I think it’s the same in any sort of profession today that is promoted, and the people who are leading those professions are promoted to do wrong instead of standing up and saying, “Let’s do the harder ‘right’ and not the easier ‘wrong.'”
THE POST & EMAIL: An example might be that presidential candidate Marco Rubio – who may not be constitutionally eligible – said last summer that Obama’s “DACA” program was unconstitutional but now thinks the program should not be stopped. And these candidates are a reflection of us.
MR. MILLER: Regardless of where they come from, anybody who is promoted in the mainstream media, in my opinion, is a political puppet of special-interest groups. Especially when they come out of nowhere and get mainstream media promotion, you know there’s a force behind them. They are puppets; they will change their mind; they will say one thing one day and something totally different the next. When they get elected, they have a platform which people may think makes sense; when they get in office, they do the opposite. They vote for wars when they say they won’t; they vote for banker bailouts when they say they won’t; they vote for new bills which grow government when they say they won’t. It’s just a game, and they’re laughing all the way at the American people for not having awakened to it.
THE POST & EMAIL: Benjamin Franklin said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Do you think we have heeded his advice?
MR. MILLER: No, we haven’t been diligent at all; that’s the problem. We fell asleep with the good times that came to America, especially in the 50s and 60s with the cultural revolution that was going on. So many things took effect in the 60s that I think led us down the wrong path. But the American people have been happy enough, contented enough to not be diligent and find out what’s really happened to our country.
THE POST & EMAIL: Did you say that the state of Tennessee has its own American Eagle Party website?
MR. MILLER: Yes, the American Eagle Party is; Tennessee is Our web designers are working with those at the state level to work out a system that makes sense.
THE POST & EMAIL: How would someone open a local chapter in his town or state?
MR. MILLER: The easiest thing right now is to go to our national website, We have a “Take Action” page which is about how you join our effort. Our membership director, Jenny Lane, is an incredible person and very sharp, and she will direct people. For example, if we have half a dozen people from Tennessee who have contacted her, she can put them together to form a state chapter and model it on our organizational guide. So if anyone has an interest anywhere in the country, we can put them in our database and then share information with other people so they can come together to decide if they’re actually going to form a chapter.
THE POST & EMAIL: Is there a lot of paperwork involved in forming a chapter?
MR. MILLER: There’s really not. Each state is different, and it’s just like a petition: if you want to get a candidate on the ballot in one state, it may require just paying a little bit of money. In another state it might require 100,000 petition signatures. So each state has its own rules and regulations. Some are very simple; some are very difficult.
Of course, the Republican and Democrat Parties want to make everything as difficult as they can in every state to try to keep their influence. The same thing is true of the debates; they try to control the arena. We just need to do what we can to slip through the cracks and find those ways to get formed. In Tennessee, it’s not too difficult; I’d say about half the states are fairly reasonable and half are more difficult.
We want people who care, who have passion, who want to make a difference. Another thing we can do to help that process along is our plan to launch what we call the “Eagles News Network.” Right now it’s just a page on our website, but we hope to have a full-service, web-based channel which will have radio programs and print articles. It will be primarily video-based with video news shows and take feeds from domestic and foreign sources. We can basically be the “go-to” media alternative for people who have political interest and want to know the truth about what’s going on.
THE POST & EMAIL: There is a growing number of alternative news sites without the bias found in the mainstream media.
MR. MILLER: Yes, we need to support each other. Our focus will be on the political arena, but there are a lot of other alternative news sources out there with which we need to be working to grow this as a team, not only domestically, but also internationally, because we aren’t getting the truth here in America. From several trips I’ve made to Iran, and my wife and I are getting ready to take a trip to Russia, I know how critically important it is for us to reach out and obtain other perspectives to understand what’s going on in the world.
THE POST & EMAIL: Many Americans do not pay much attention to what is going on outside of the country.
MR. MILLER: Most people, if it doesn’t have a direct impact on them, don’t worry about it; it’s out of their field of vision. But it shouldn’t be, because we’re having a dastardly effect on the world situation today. We’re supporting so many evil things. We have to stop this and get back to the good and noble spirit of what our Founders intended America to be.
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