Invasion of the USA

“Invasion of the USA” by Tina Carlton

Immigrants?  Illegals?  Terrorists?


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This week we are discussing what the influx of immigrants is doing to our once Great Nation.  We all know America has always been the   land of the free…home of the brave. It seems, however, that the “Free” has taken on a whole new meaning.  And it appears that a lot of the “Brave” are “Missing in Action”.  That is just my sentiment, but maybe they are just quietly waiting until we have an emergency.  However, as I read everyday about the lunatic plans our President has to bring thousands into our country, behind our backs, I am beginning to feel we already have an emergency.  Does anyone have a better conclusion??  If so, it would surely be welcome here.

The US so far has been able to escape the overwhelming problems bombarding cities that are accepting thousands of refugees.

Don’t misunderstand, we are having major problems with the refugee program, but nowhere on a scale compared to Europe.  And I, for one, don’t want to wake up soon and find I am living in Europe, USA.

The link below is from an article published by the Guardian, a trusted news source. This is just a sample of what Berlin, Germany is experiencing with the arrival of refugees.  It was referred to as a mass brawl during lunch.

Another major problem comes with illegal immigrants.

Inside the World of People Smuggling

When people are desperate to get out of their country in hopes of finding a better place to live, there are always corrupt means of getting there.  These people end up giving every cent they have in return for a treacherous journey that many won’t survive.  Smuggling has been around since the beginning of time. Greece has been on the receiving end of thousands of refugees due to the thriving smuggling business.

The link below is from another article published by the Guardian, giving us a look at the disaster in Greece.

Greece builds border to stop immigrant Crisis

Apparently it didn’t take long for Greece to see the reality of the

crisis within their borders. Check out the article below. Is this

beginning to sound like a familiar story??   Do you think this is a

viable solution??  

It appears that Greece can no longer tolerate this refugee crisis. They are now erecting a wall to keep immigrants out.  And, apparently, learned their lesson faster than the US did. They are not waiting for years to secure their border. We need to learn from these countries. Inasmuch as the US has always given aid to other countries, we simply can’t let them migrate here.  We are already in over our heads with the flow of immigrants through our southern border. Yes, we want to be humane, but at what cost to our own United States citizens??

Now we get to the problems on American Soil

Check out the stories below to see just how much trouble we will have if we give in to our tolerant nature.  Our President has already let us know how little he thinks of us. Of course that is because he is not getting what he wants, so he tries to make the American people think we are racist. I really don’t think his attempts to belittle us is going to sway our judgement.  I think most of us have his plan pretty well figured out, and we are not buying it.

Texas is definitely not going along for the ride.

Refugee Resettlement for Profit

We wouldn’t want to leave out any facts “not published for the public”,

but there is obviously money to be made off the backs of these refugees, immigrants, terrorists, or whatever Obama tries to send to this country.  I’m sure these contractors aren’t complaining.

The Bottom Line

So now, we get to the basics of Obama’s plan. Apparently there aren’t enough refugees flowing into the US to satisfy Obama’s agenda, but Christians are NOT at all welcome.  He has made that statement very plain. Since Christians aren’t part of the plan, it’s obvious that terrorists are welcome. I guess it’s pretty easy to access that it’s highly probable that ISIS members are the most welcome “so called refugees.”  Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this is pretty much as I see it.

Obama’s Desperation

Evidently, I am not alone in my fear of America becoming another Islam!       Someone Prove me Wrong!       Please!                                                                          

National Petition: “Stop Refugees From Jihadist Nations” And Keep America Safe!

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, President Obama has doubled-down on his commitment to bring 10,000 additional Syrian refugees to our nation — and tens of thousands more in the coming years. Admitting people from any nation with a significant jihadist movement is a grave threat to the safety and security of our nation.

Excerpt from an Article in Grassroots News Network, asking for a Petition to help stop the influx of Syrian refugees without proper vetting.  This is the manner in which it appears our President is using to get Islamic Terrorists into our Country,

Grassfire is launching this national petition calling for both the federal government and individual states to “Stop Admitting Refugees From Jihadist Nations.” More than a dozen state governors have already taken action. Sen. Rand Paul has introduced a bill in Congress. Sign today and rally your friends to Stop Refugees From Jihadist Nations.


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