Israel’s Strategy: Divide and Rule

1-Benjamin Netanyahu - w cartoon drawing at UN Bibi has been telling us Iran is on the threshold of building a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying Israel for the past decade: in five years, in three years, in a few months – the Existential Threat is forever on the verge, about to emerge. Yet it never happened, perhaps because Tehran has no intention of provoking the international community in such a manner. However, Bibi does have a point: given its present resources, Iran could in fact produce enough fissile material for a bomb in a few months, six at the most – although measures of so-called “breakout time” are highly problematic. Be that as it may, the fact is that, as things now stand, Iran could go nuclear in a year or less – unless Tehran reaches some sort of agreement with the P5+1. So why is Bibi working so furiously to nix it? Because it’s not about nukes. The Iranians know that if they go down that road the West will strike, and, aside from that, their Supreme Leader has issued a fatwa condemning nuclear weapons per se. The whole issue has been phony from the very beginning, even phonier than the “weapons of mass destruction” accusations hurled at Iraq. The real issue is Iran’s very existence – its size, its resources, its position as the epicenter of Shi’ite power in the region.

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