Obama Betrays Iran on Nuclear Deal

1-Obama - AIPAC One thing for sure can be said about Obama. He’s consistent. He says one thing. He does another – virtually always. He predictably betrays the public trust with disturbing regularity. He flouts agreements with other nations – blaming them for his wrongdoing. It’s unsurprising he breached the framework nuclear deal with Iran. It’s disturbing how quickly. On the one hand, his so-called fact sheet includes stipulations contrary to terms reached. On the other, he surrendered to congressional anti-Iranian hardliners without a whimper of protest. Lausanne is dead. Chances for concluding fair and equitable final terms with Iran by June 30 are virtually nil. Business as usual triumphed. U.S. neo-cons, Israel, its Lobby and other Iran-haters won. Obama agreed to sign the Iran Nuclear Agreement Act of 2015 (INAA) when passed by both houses – likely by a veto-proof margin. On Tuesday, it cleared the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously. Republicans and most Democrats are in lockstep. It gives Congress final say on any nuclear deal reached with Iran. It effectively undermines whatever may be consummated. It assures months of talks were wasted. Perhaps Obama never wanted a deal in the first place. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2015/04/stephen-lendman/el-jefe-speaks-with-forked-tongue/

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