‘Revolution is Coming’ – The Top 20 Responses to Jon Hilsenrath’s Idiotic WSJ Article

1-peasants - angry By now, most of you have read Jon Hilsenrath’s mindless, tone-deaf, idiotic attempt at humor published by the Wall Street Journal yesterday. If not, here it is: A Letter to Stingy American Consumers. What you may not have seen, are the 174 comments published in response to the article. At least 95% of them consist of justifiable crushing criticism toward the cluelessness of this Federal Reserve apparatchik masquerading as a journalist. While I am strongly against vigilante style violence as a solution to our societal problems, the incredibly frequent calls for him and other “elites” to be strung from lampposts is certainly notable. People are very angry, and this anger will explode at some point in a very nasty way unless the status quo is discarded. Here are the top 20 comments from the post. http://libertyblitzkrieg.com/2015/06/03/revolution-is-coming-the-top-20-responses-to-jon-hilsenraths-idiotic-wsj-article/

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