She’s Lost Control

1-Megyn Kelly - 8-10-15 None of this was necessary. But this is the future they chose. By refusing to take action on what is becoming a civilizational crisis, and even banning serious discussion about it within the sanctioned American Right, conservatives not only invited the physical dispossession of their demographic base but their ideological dispossession by a new force that is alone capable of resisting the Death of the West. Donald Trump, of course, is not a part of that movement. He may not even be the most hardline Republican candidate running for President on immigration. Yet he is a herald of what comes next because, even if his campaign ends tomorrow, he has shown the White base of the Republican Party is as impatient with Conservatism Inc. as they are with the “liberal media.” They are not White Nationalists or even racially conscious, but they know the leaders of the American conservative movement gave away their country so liberals wouldn’t call them mean names. The frenzied attacks on Trump are a desperate attempt to break his threat to the Beltway Right’s control. Unfortunately for Conservatism Inc., its contempt of Donald Trump is being interpreted (accurately) as contempt towards its own voters. And unless those voters are given the choice of supporting someone who they think will actually resist their dispossession, they are going to stay home and once again, the Republicans are going to lose.

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