Synthetic Terror Spectacle

1-war on terror - collage of phoniness Synthetic terrorism and the endless media spectacle that surrounds it is a necessary and essential component of the control grid that the Atlanticist oligarchs need to maintain hegemony over the societies they own. Just as well, it serves as a pretext to subvert any remaining states and cultures that dare defy them. The totalitarian nature of the liberal globalist order demands such actions, as the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin correctly noted: “Liberalism is a totalitarian and violent ideology, a means to direct and indirect political repression, to educational pressure and ferocious propaganda, self-proclaiming to be non-totalitarian, that is, concealing its very nature. This is a scientific fact. [Liberal] totalitarianism is entirely coherent with the whole perspective of its political concept.” McBabylon needs an enemy as its excuse for world conquest, and while geopolitical opponents like Russia can certainly be cast in that role, in order to make the fear more close to home, sometimes the enemy has to be constructed and stage-managed for maximum effect.

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