The Great Banking Game of the BIS

1-banksters - monopoly game Seen in this context, the 2009-2015 Greek financial crisis can be understood as a maintenance of the Greek participation in the EU, as well as making sure Greek does not pivot towards Russia. Syriza’s leftist socialism even appears to play into the oligarchical cabal by putting on a front of opposition to the IMF’s shock therapy, while caving within no time in surrendering a platform that was all centered around further IMF loan sharking. This is why the banking oligarchs have perpetually funded and supported leftist, socialist and internationalist movements, as they have a common universalist impetus – the so-called humanitarian human rights initiative. As Plato noted, democracy leads to tyranny and mob-ocracy, run by oligarchs. Why might this be? “Democracy” is premised on the lowest common denominator as a cult of conformity. Built within it are the seeds of its own self-consuming destruction, as the bar for universalist “unity” is continually lowered and mass marketed based on the appeal to baser and baser appetite fulfillment of the utilitarian “happiness” principle. Of necessity, it must politically force the false equalitarian conformism it’s based on universally, leaving total destruction in its path. This is why the mega-banks and their NGOs, think tanks, shell companies, intelligence agencies and social engineers constantly foist endless color revolutions, terror groups, hashtag revolutions, terror groups, etc., because the wrecking ball power these destabilizing groups have are tremendously advantageous to centralized (banking) interests seeking consolidation of national assets, economies and pensions (as well as running black markets!). At the apex of this public structure is the Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of central banks. Ironically, the BIS issues reports that are at times accurate, warning the policies of their dozens of member banks are rather destructive, even mentioning the toxic nature of public-private debt mixing scams. Admitting the perpetual debt-based hole is unsustainable, the banker members don’t seem to pay much attention to these “warnings” – in other words, reading a little between these lines, the policies parasitically wreck and loot the host nations.

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