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As a new Political Party, we will tackle the most critical issues, which we believe are essential to America’s well-being, and which respect the Constitution and the vision of our Founding Fathers. We believe the power of government must be reduced and the States and peoples’ rights restored and protected.

End the Wars and Occupations

America is a Republic, not an Empire to police the world


We have no business intervening in the affairs of other sovereign nations and cannot afford the expenditures. As our Founding Fathers advocated, “Peace, Commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

End our foreign military adventures and close most of our overseas bases, redeploying forces stateside.

Remove any dual citizens from security sensitive positions in government (including elected office) – America First loyalty!

Reevaluate our relationship with the United Nations and NATO. Eliminate foreign aid, excepting specifically approved humanitarian relief efforts.

Stop the Immigration Invasion

Secure OUR nation’s Borders to protect American interests and preserve our traditions and identity


Remove illegal immigrants who have broken our laws and prevent future illegal entry, by supplementing our border patrol services with military assistance, as required.

Revise immigration laws to serve the best interests of the American people, not multinational corporations, international bodies, or foreign interests.

Make English the official language in the United States and require non-English speakers to gain proficiency before being granted citizenship.

Reclaim our Constitutional Rights and Liberties

Limited government for the people – Freedom, not Tyranny

Freedom Lane

Immediately repeal the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and other unconstitutional infringements on the rights of the people (affirmative action, Obamacare, etc) and return appropriate jurisdiction to the states.

Reduce government largess by abolishing or restructuring inefficient and invasive Departments and Agencies.

Place term limits on federal offices and reform election finance laws to remove the power of special monied interests.

Require Congress to abide by the same requirements which they legislate upon the American people, without exempting themselves.

Organize town hall meetings to hold political representatives (of all levels) accountable to We the People.

Repeal acts and executive orders which are in violation of our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

Restore America’s Economy

Restore and protect the middle-class (traditional transit to a better way of life, which uniquely enabled America to excel).


End the Federal Reserve System (FED) and empower the Treasury to issue currency (gold or silver backed) without interest charge.

End the IRS and the income tax, replacing with an apportioned tax per the Constitution.

Balance the federal budget and seek a Constitutional amendment to require it.

Implement policies which empower American workers and entrepreneurs (not multinational corporations and foreign competitors) through fair trade agreements and production incentives. Renegotiate our so-called “free” trade agreements and establish reasonable, but protective tariffs.

Develop incentives to relocate and grow the domestic production of natural resources, industry, agriculture and manufacturing.

End socialist programs which serve to redistribute wealth from the working classes to others, and which negatively impact our values and productivity.

Promote Healthy Minds and Bodies

We must unite with a loyalty to future generations


Enable Media Alternatives – a public inspired with truth and morality can remain free and responsible. Encourage development of media alternatives and take anti-trust action against corporate media cartels to break up their information and entertainment monopoly.

Return Education to local communities (including Home Schooling options), rather than submitting to invasive, inefficient, and destructive Government programs and mandates.

Protect our Environment by stopping major corporate schemes that are destroying the natural purity of our air, water, and land – and poisoning our food supplies.

End corporate and government suppression of patents and medical treatments, which would free the people to have enabling alternatives for production and health.



We must unite on these common grounds and avoid being sidetracked on marginalizing issues, which pit us against each other – and should be dealt with at State and Local levels. We must identify and overcome the “divide and conquer” tactics of those who actively seek America’s destruction if we are to restore the goodness of our country and remain free.


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