The Self-Employed Middle Class Hardly Exists Anymore

1-middle class - good cartoon It’s sobering that in a nation of 317 million people (of which 145 million people file tax returns), only 3% of all those reporting income are self-employed people earning enough to support a middle class life without the additional income earned by a working spouse. Many people rightly aspire to improve their household’s state of resilience through actions such as storing emergency supplies, starting a vegetable garden, and learning basic readiness/maintenance skills, etc. In general, resilience boils down to self-reliance. But like it or not, in our largely urbanized society, true long-term self-reliance needs to include some measure of financial independence. By ‘financial independence’ I don’t mean so much wealth that you no longer have to earn a living. Rather, in this discussion, financial independence means owning income streams that you control lock, stock and barrel.

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