There Will Be More Campus Rape Hoaxes

1-Rolling Stone - Obama on cover

At last, with the usual fanfare of self-importance served with a side of dishonesty and arrogance, Rolling Stone admits that its November 2014 “A Rape on Campus” story was a hoax, a hoax created in “good faith” and in “sensitivity to a rape victim,” but a hoax nonetheless. As I had predicted in an earlier story, no one lost his or her job over this piece of fiction, and the writer, Sabrina Erdely, no doubt soon will be off to her next writing assignment for another high-profile American publication like New Yorker (which has published her work before) or even RS. In for a dime, in for a dollar. According to Columbia Journalism Review, which conducted the “investigation” of the RS journalistic malpractice, the magazine made one serious mistake: it depended upon one source and one source alone, the so-called victim named “Jackie.” Hey, no sh*t, Sherlock. An explosive story like this in which no one seems to care that a poor freshman girl has been brutally raped by seven men, thrown against a glass-topped table that shattered, leaving the “victim” covered in blood, and a supposedly reputable publication depends upon one person who turns out to be a pathological liar? And no one is canned for this?

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