Wall Street is One Sick Puppy

1-Wall Street banksters and Uncle Sam During the fifteen years since the turn of the century, the adult population grew from 212 million to 250 million, but the number of full time jobs rose by only 6.2 million. In short, the nation gained 38 million more adult consumers, but only 15% of them have been employed as full-time producers. And that dismal trend is guaranteed to get worse because its baked into the demographic cake. That is, today’s 45 million retirees will become 75 million less than two decades down the road. In welfare state America its virtually certain that through one artifice or another taxes will go up and the national debt burden will rise to crushing heights in order to keep the baby boomers’ entitlements funded. While Keynesians and Wall Street stock peddlers are clueless about the implications of this——it actually doesn’t take too much common sense to get the drift. Namely, under a long-term path of fewer producers, higher taxes and more public debt, the prospects for rejuvenating the previous historically average rates of real output growth are somewhere between slim and none—-to say nothing of the super-normal rates implied by the markets’ current bullish enthusiasm. http://davidstockmanscontracorner.com/wall-street-is-one-sick-puppy/

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