Why Millennials are Awesome

1-smartphones - young people using Throughout the Dubya administration, there was a flurry of books and shrill NPR commentaries about the rise of “American Theocracy” or “Christian fascism,” and a dread that conservative Republicans were too powerful and ruthless, and that the Democrats were too weak-kneed to contain them. What really happened was that the hyper-patriotism of the Bush years was a last gasp or self-parody of the “American Century.” The least one can say is that Bush indelibly linked flag-waving and American nationalism with lunatic foreign wars and public displays of stupidity. Not being patriotic simply means that millennials have taste. Also, in what way is America “#1”? Are we scoring this in bombs dropped by flying robots? http://www.radixjournal.com/blog/2015/5/6/why-millennials-are-awesome

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