You Might Be a Stupid American Sheeple if…

1-sheeple - Dees I gave up long ago in relying on U.S. mainstream media to find the truth. U.S. MSM TRUTH is now an oxymoron, words that should never be used in unison in a sentence. If you do not know what an oxymoron is… well… military intelligence is an oxymoron, and cotton balls and jumbo shrimp. One of the ancillary negative attributes is Americans are lied to so much, or given the ‘mushroom treatment’ to the extent that completely uninformed people suddenly act like they are world-renowned experts on a subject. In reality they do not know the difference between shit and shinola they are so buried in the former and kept out of the light or any form of enlightenment. The entire political and social discourse in America has declined to the point that most of what I hear on U.S. MSM TV is asinine, inane, absurd, ludicrous and preposterous. Only in America has the discussion of what matters for the future of a nation and its people been reduced to the level of banal and vapid.

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